Adaptive Reins

Rein-Bow ReinsRein-Bow Reins Detail Rein-Bows Rein Loops
Add loops to your reins for better grip. Aids in hand positioning. Rein-Bows Rein Loops are designed to not slip on rubber reins, even in wet weather. Sold in pairs, black.

Use Rein-Bows Rein Loops with the following reins: 01-3611 Rein-Bows Rein Loops $39.99

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Rein StopsRein StopsRein Stops Rein Stops
Rein Stops help riders keep a consistent length of contact when riding, and prevents reins slipping through the rider's fingers. Using a rock climbing knot, Rein Stops are easily attached to the reins and will not slip under tension. The toggle is placed either in the palm of your hand or rests between your thumb and first finger.

01-3601 Rein Stops $39.99

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Adjustable Handle ReinsAdjustable Handle Reins
Loop handle with rubber grip snaps to D-rings on the reins to adjust length. Webbing with adjustable snap ends. Styles may vary slightly.

01-2610 Adjustable Handle Reins $69.99

Replacement Handles for Adjustable Handle Reins
A pair of loop handles with rubber grips and snaps. Styles may vary slightly.

01-2611 Replacement Handles for Adjustable Handle Reins $19.99