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Autism and Brain Injury

Riding on the Autism SpectrumRiding on the Autism Spectrum: How Horses Open New Doors for Children with ASD
Claudine Pelletier-Milet. French riding instructor Pelletier-Milet shares countless stories, anecdotal evidence, of how equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) can be a means to forming and nurturing lines of communication while encouraging a healthy and natural evolution of self in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). She sorts through theory from fields of medicine, education, and psychology, while applying her own intuition and empathy in her work. This book raises questions, answers many of them, and recounts breakthroughs and moments of elation certain to bring hope to the families and caregivers of autistic individuals. Pelletier-Milet's personal experiences with autistic children, and the transformation she has witnessed time and again in the saddle, remain a universal source of inspiration and hope, and one that should be shared, regardless of native land or language. Pelletier-Milet feels that an autistic person is someone who is, in many ways, "in the dark" and just longing to "light up." Over the last 15 years she has worked at her horseback riding stable in France, outside the mainstream debate about autism and its causes, creating a magical world in which her horses and ponies help her autistic students (her "magnificent horsemen," as she calls them) develop on their own time in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere. Paperback. 192 pages.

08-0109 Riding on the Autism Spectrum $19.99

Traumatic Brain Injury and Therapeutic RidingTraumatic Brain Injury and Therapeutic Riding
Anita Shkedi. This enlightening book helps readers understand how therapeutic riding provides an effective form of therapy for people with post-traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and offers a more in depth understanding of TBI, the brain and its plasticity, and the complexities of TBI. It explains how the unique properties of the horse are instrumental in the recovery of psychologically and physically impaired riders. Both personal accounts and case studies are included, providing greater insight into therapeutic riding sessions. Teaching notes concurrent with the content are included.

In 1985 Anita Shkedi founded Therapeutic Riding in Israel. She has an M.Ed., a postgraduate diploma in Health Visiting, British State Registered Nurse diploma, and Instructor of Therapeutic Riding certificate. Ms Shkedi is the founding director of INTRA-Israel National Therapeutic Riding Association, as well as the director of the TR training program at Ariel University. She is currently involved in researching PTSD and ADHD and is pursuing her doctorate at Derby University in the UK. She is a PATH International member who founded therapeutic riding in Israel and has been an invited presenter at PATH Intl. conferences.

08-0125 Traumatic Brain Injury and Therapeutic Riding $39.99