Horseback Riding Skills Books

101 Arena Exercises101 Arena Exercises
Hill. A ringside guide of classic exercises and original patterns presented in a "read and ride" format that allows the book to be hung like a calendar or draped over the rail of the ring. 112 pages, paperback.

08-0112 101 Arena Exercises $29.99

101 Horsemanship and Equitation Patterns101 Horsemanship and Equitation Patterns
Hill. The sequel to 101 Arena Exercises, presents step-by-step instructions for the unique patterns for both English and western riders. 224 pages, paperback.

08-0147 101 Horsemanship and Equitation Patterns $29.99

101 Arena Exercises101 Drill Team Exercises
Sams. 101 clearly drawn arena diagrams guide you through every step. Riders of every skill level and horses of every breed will enjoy practicing drill team patterns. Includes ten complete drills. Patterns include Butterfly Arrow, Swirly Melt, Pinwheel, Do-Si-Do, Meet & Greet, Four-Leaf Clover, Fishhook, Hourglass, Suicide Merge, Star, Basket Weave, Simple Spiral, Zipper, Four-Spoke Wheel, and 87 more exciting choices. 240 pages, paperback.

08-0111 101 Drill Team Exercises $29.99

Teaching ExercisesTeaching Exercises
Lindgren. A manual for instructors and riders. An innovative teaching system using traffic cones in progressively arranged exercise patterns. 160 pages. Hardcover.
08-0156 Teaching Exercises $29.99