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50 Best Arena Exercises and Patterns. Querbach.50 Best Arena Exercises and Patterns
Ann Katrin Querbach. A terrific collection of upbeat ideas for essential schooling, adding variety and challenge to everyday workouts. Exercises are organized in easy-to-reference sections, including: improving the rider's seat, "learning to dance" with the basic foundation movements, increasing mobility with gymnastics, finding rhythm, getting supple and relaxed, achieving connection and softness, activating the hindquarters, traveling straight, and achieving collection. In addition, two chapters provide fun alternatives to supplement any lesson. For both English or Western. Riders looking for tools to use in creating a balanced, correct seat, and a supple, gymnasticized horse will love this useful collection of practice routines.

08-0104 50 Best Arena Exercises and Patterns $22.99

101 Arena Exercises101 Arena Exercises
Hill. A ringside guide of classic exercises and original patterns presented in a "read and ride" format that allows the book to be hung like a calendar or draped over the rail of the ring. 112 pages, paperback.

08-0112 101 Arena Exercises $29.99

Teaching ExercisesTeaching Exercises
Lindgren. A manual for instructors and riders. An innovative teaching system using traffic cones in progressively arranged exercise patterns. 160 pages. Hardcover.
08-0156 Teaching Exercises $24.99